Tri Colored Shrikand

Submitted by Aditi Choudhary

About the cook:

About the dish: Tasty and sweet, containing almonds and kajuss. As you may know, it's a traditional Maharashtra dessert. It's creamy, thick and delicious.

National Origin: India

Serves: 2

Estimated Time: Under 30 Minutes


1. Fresh homemade yogurt
2. Sugar as per the taste
3. Cardamom powder
4. Mango pulp
5. Green food colour
6. Nuts


Okay so let’s start with the recipe.
First I would like to warn you as in case of Shrikand, it should be chilled and sugar should be added accordingly.
Let us begin with the methods.
1. Place the fresh yogurt (it can be homemade or amul dahi or any other). Add the sugar according to taste and add cardamom powder too.
2. Okay, so now take this mixture into three different bowls.
3. In first bowl, mix mango pulp and mix well.
And in second bowl, add green food colouring, again mix well. In the third bowl, add saffron’s or nuts like almonds and so on and mix well .
4. Now take a earthenware or any of a serving bowl you like.
Add the mixture layer by later like first green coloured one then mango pulp and then white one.
5. Refrigerate for 25 to 30 minutes.
6. Serve it cool cool.

(If you don’t have green colour, no problem, chill , it’s not necessary at all.)

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