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How could the world possibly need another recipe site?

Ads Some sites are so bloated with advertising it’s hard to get around and you’re constantly interrupted mid-read with popups. We think ad placement should be responsible enough not to displace why you’re on the site. You want your visit to be about the food. We want your visit to be about the food!

Registration Technology has advanced past the point where you have to log in to save something as a favorite to read later. We’ll show you. We have it. So where’s the shared benefit to our users in forcing them to register? We figure if you like what’s happening here and want us to be in touch, you’ll subscribe to our newsletter. If not, we still want you to enjoy the content and be engaged without worrying about us pestering you.

A New View We wanted to create something efficient, fun, fast, and focused on everyday cooks and the treasures they create. We’re building a place with your experience here in mind, for you to share and chat and focus on the actual food with lots of exciting things to do like our RECIPE CONTEST, no commitments, and starting clean with the best technology behind us so what you love is easy to use. We’re just getting started, so please get started with us!

About Cucina Vivace

Recipe Spree is a property of Cucina Vivace (Vi-vah-chee), a brand that began as a Washington, DC area restaurant and evolved to include podcasts, websites, cooking classes, books, and restaurant consulting. Chef Gordon Vivace has over 20 Diner’s Choice awards to his credit, was featured in the single edition Celebrated Chef’s of DC (DC’s top 50 chefs), and his cookbook on old world Italian tradition has remained five star rated since 2012. We’re not just another website. We’ve been all-about-the-food since 2007. If the chef thinks something in the industry is no longer all-about-the-food and there’s a better way, there’s probably a better way. We hope you’ll dig in and help us create it here!

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