Tomato-cucumber salad

Submitted by Inna Sin

About the cook: Hello, my name is Inna and I've always loved to cook! I come from a culture that believes in food and we celebrate every single occasion of our lives with lots of food. I love that even if our table used to be filled with lots of carbs and meats totalling from 10-30 courses. Since I started to become passionate about healthy lifestyle, I tried different healthy ways of making healthy recipes very tasty! I will share a few healthy recipes that I will make for my birthday! Super excited.

About the dish: All summer long my family absolutely loves a simple salad of thin sliced tomatoes and cucumbers, because is fresh and pretty much can be eaten with any dish. But if you are busy person as I am, I am sure you don't have time to make this salad everyday. This is a trick that i discovered if you want to "meal-prep" when you have a few extra minutes that tastes really good.

National Origin: Moldovian

Serves: 4

Estimated Time: Under 30 Minutes


4 tomatoes
4 cucumbers
half can of canned green peas
1 roasted pepper
1/4 of a bunch dill
2 tablespoons of olive oil
garlic salt


1. Slice the tomatoes and cucumber in bigger slices( this is crucial if you plan of cooking a little bit more and divide the salad between a few meals ) in a bowl.
2. Rinse the dill and cut it
3. Cut the roasted pepper in very small slices . I like to use the roasted peppers from Trader Joe that they sell in jars. Nobody tells you about this secret ingredient that gives a special deliciousness to your salad.
4. Add the green peas and the olive oil and salt.
5. Mix them all with a wood spoon preferable and serve fresh.
6. Keep the remaining salad in fridge for the next meals.

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