Spicy salmon fillet

Submitted by Irving Bitman

About the cook: I am a retiree living in the east valley of Phoenix, AZ. Both my wife and I worked in pubic service for over thirty years and we are enjoying volunteering and retirement. Cooking has been a hobby ever since I discovered that the only cook worse than my mom was her mom.

About the dish: Salmon fillet with a spicy rub of middle eastern ingredients.

National Origin: Middle East

Serves: 2

Estimated Time: Under 30 Minutes


2 8 oz salmon fillets skinned
olive oil
salt, pepper, ground coriander
1 oz shawarma seasoning
1oz za'atar
4 Tbspn sour cream


pat dry the salmon fillets

rub each fillet with olive oil

season the fillets with salt, pepper and coriander

dredge and coat completely each fillet

combine remaining seasonings with the sour cream and add Tbspn of olive oil (the olive oil prevents the sour cream from separating when heated

preheat a non stick frying pan over low/medium heat.

place salmon fillet in pan and cook for 5 minutes

turn over and cook for 3 minutes

Note: cooking time depends and salmon thickness. I would start with 5 and three minutes and adjust as needed

The picture I have included includes the finished salmon and side serving of salad and portobello mushroom

top with heated seasoning sour cream mixture

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