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About the cook: I am a retired RN, wife, mother and grandmother to 15. I have been creating recipes and entering contests since 2006, and honored to have won many. I have been a finalist 3 times in the Pillsbury Bake-off Contest, and have recipes published in magazines, cookbooks, and on-line. I have also taught Kids Healthy Snack Workshops for the WV State PTA, done cooking demos for the Women's Club and presentations to other community organizations.

About the dish: This loaded breakfast panini is a delicious, colorful way to start your day. Ham, bacon, egg, cheese, baby spinach, and tomato on toasted bread is perfection on a plate.

National Origin: American

Serves: 1

Estimated Time: Under 30 Minutes


2 slices bread
1-2 teaspoons mayonnaise (or pesto)
6 baby spinach leaves
3 thin slices mozzarella cheese
3 thin slices ham
1 egg, fried with yolk cooked hard
3 slices cooked bacon
1-2 slices fresh tomato
2 teaspoons butter, melted


1.Preheat panini pan, grill pan, or a heavy skillet. Spray with non stick cooking spray.
2.Lay one slice of bread on a flat work surface. Spread half of the mayonnaise on this slice of bread. Layer the spinach, cheese, ham, egg, bacon, and tomato. Spread remaining mayonnaise on the other slice of bread and add top to sandwich. Brush with half of the melted butter.
3.Lay sandwich, butter side down, on grill pan. Brush the remaining butter on top of sandwich.
4.Grill sandwich until bread is crisp, golden, and the cheese has melted. About 3 minutes on each side.
5.Transfer to a serving plate and cut in half

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