Cubano Pizza

Cubano Pizza

Submitted by Estelle Forrest

About the cook: I am a lot of things – wife, mother, daughter, sister, niece, friend, business owner, volunteer, and a home chef. I have lived in the Pacific Northwest for most of my adult life and plan to stay forever – while traveling a lot. I am currently running a General Contracting business with my husband out of our home. Between us, we have 6 kids in our blended family, 4 of which live with us full-time. We are a highly active family during the week – sports, bands, dance classes – as well as on the weekend – camping, hiking, car shows, and concerts.

About the dish: If you have never had a Cubano Sandwich before – you are really missing out. They are so delicious with ham, pork, swiss cheese, onions, pickles, and mustard piled high on a nice crusty bread and usually grilled or pressed to melt it all together. I love them so much that I turned them into a pizza!!! Cubano Pizza is all of those yummy flavors on a delicious pizza crust – and you are going to love it!

National Origin: American

Serves: 6

Estimated Time: Over 2 Hours


2 Pizza Dough see recipe below
4 cups Swiss Cheese shredded
8 oz Ham diced
1 cup Bread & Butter Pickle Chips chopped
16 oz Ricotta Cheese
¼ cup Yellow Mustard
¼ cup Bread & Butter Pickle Juice
½ cup Cilantro torn
For the Marinated Onion
½ Red Onion thin sliced
1 cup Red Wine Vinegar
2 tsp Salt
1 tbsp Sugar
For the Mojo Pork
2 lb Pork Roast
1 stick Butter cut into tbsp tabs
½ cup Fresh Basil torn
3 Oranges juiced
½ cup Avocado Oil
1 tsp Oregano
1 tsp Garlic Powder
1 tbsp Dried Minced onion
1 tsp Parsley


1. Combine orange juice, oil, oregano, garlic powder, onion, parsley. In bottom of slow cooker, spread out butter pieces and torn basil. Set pork on top and pour juice mixture over top. Secure lid and cook on low for 6 hrs.
2. all ingredients for onions into a mason jar and secure lid. Shake vigorously to combine. Let marinate for at least 1 hour (up to 3 days).
3. Prepare remaining ingredients. Preheat oven to 425deg.
4. In a bowl combine ricotta cheese, mustard and pickle juice.
5. Remove pork from slow cooker and chop up, then return to slow cooker.
6. Prepare the pizza dough up to the first cook level.
7. Build 1 pizza: spread with half of ricotta mixture, 1 cup swiss cheese, half of pork, half of ham and second cup of swiss cheese. Repeat on second pizza. Place both in oven to cook for 15 minutes.
8. Sprinkle each pizza with red onions, chopped pickles and cilantro.

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