Cheese Phyllo Tuna Strawberry Tartar “Mille-feuille”, Wasabi Avocado Cream

Submitted by Yoshiharu Sogi

About the cook: I have 35 years of experience in the food and hospitality industry. I received culinary training at culinary school in Japan and France. After I graduated school, I trained at restaurant in Lyon, France rated one star of Michelin Guide and fine dining restaurant in Tokyo. In 2001 I was certified wine diploma from Japan Sommeliers Association and Society of Wine Educators of America. After that, currently I live in California from 2002. I worked in Japanese restaurant, American Italian restaurant, Resort hotel, Seafood restaurant, Country club restaurant and Wine and Food Pairing restaurant.

About the dish: Fashonable tartar dish.

National Origin: Japanese

Serves: 4

Estimated Time: 30 to 60 Minutes


12 oz Tuna sushi grade
8 oz Strawberry
½ teaspoon Salt
¼ Crushed hot chili pepper
2 teaspoon Cilantro, chopped
¼ teaspoon Shallot, fine chopped
1 teaspoon Extra Virgin Olive Oil
2 sheets Phyllo dough
4 tablespoons Parmesan cheese, powdered
8 oz Avocado
5 tablespoons Whipped cream cheese
1 and ¼ teaspoon Wasabi paste
¼ teaspoon Salt for avocado cream
1 teaspoon Fresh squeeze lime juice and zest
4 table spoons Balsamic glaze
2 teaspoons Extra Virgin Olive oil for presentation
Vegetable Oil Spray


1. Preheat oven 350℉. Spray vegetable oil on phyllo dough then sprinkle powdered Parmesan cheese even on dough.
2. Cut 1/3 even then lay these up to make 3 layers dough. Cut into 1/6 even to make 6 each of slightly rectangle shape dough. Take same process with another sheet, make total 12 each of layered dough.
3. Place parchment paper on oven tray or cookie sheet then place dough. Bake 5 to 7 minutes to golden brown.
4. Remove From oven and cool down completely on cookie cooler.
5. Prepare mixing bowl, cut tuna and strawberry into small dice then put into bowl. Add cilantro, shallot, hot chili pepper, salt and olive oil then toss lightly.
6. In small food processor or mixer, set avocado then make avocado puree. Add cream cheese, salt, wasabi paste, lime juice and zest to make avocado wasabi cream. Transfer into small pastry bag which set tip.
7. Fill tuna tartar into square mold then squeeze avocado cream on it. Place it on baked dough to make 8 sets total then stack 2 sets, remove mold.
8. Place on serving plate, drizzle balsamic glaze and olive oil to serve.

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