Quick Rice and Tomato side dish

Submitted by Beverly Ehlebracht

About the cook: Retired health care worker (PT Assistant) and Personal Trainer (20 years). An active female living in Colorado with retired spouse who cares about living a full active and healthy lifestyle! I have found it's even more important to make the time to cook using fresh ingredients limiting processed foods as much as possible. Living in moderation is the key! Enjoy good food- Enjoy your life!

About the dish: Living on a budget inspired me to come up with this super tasty and healthy side dish. Pairs beautifully with White Fish or grilled Pork Chop and Fresh Broccoli!

National Origin: American

Serves: 4

Estimated Time: Under 30 Minutes


2 C cooked whole grain rice prepared from scratch (or can use store bought 0-sodium 90 sec microwave rice)
1 14 oz can chopped tomato No sodium added
1 14 oz can red beans rinsed and drained (and/or add 1 sautéed carrot diced very small)
1 Tbls reduced sodium Soy Sauce
1/2 yellow onion chopped
1 garlic clove minced
1 Tbls Olive Oil


Prepare rice and set aside.
Sautee chopped onion and garlic in olive oil 5 min or until softened medium heat.
Add Rice, beans and can tomato stirring gently to incorporate.
Add Soy Sauce and mix well
Simmer on low 10 minutes

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