Pumpkin, Coconut Milk, Red Curry RibS

Submitted by Kit Lau

About the cook: I am a Chinese American lady who likes to create recipes that span cultures. I enjoy going to good restaurants and trying to recreate recipes I enjoy adding my own spin.

About the dish: I created this recipe after having some very good Chinese pumpkin ribs. I think this recipe is a great "warm you up on a cold winter day recipe".

National Origin: Thai

Serves: 6

Estimated Time: 1 to 2 Hours


Ingredients for the sauce:
1 can chicken soup (14.7 ounce)
½ can coconut milk (8 ounce)
3 ounces Thai red curry paste
½ cup wine
5 kefir leaves (buy at a Thai grocery)
2 table spoon olive oil
2 clove garlics
½ shallot
1 table spoon grated ginger
1/4 tea spoon salt

Ingredients for the marinade:
1/4 tea spoon salt
1 tea spoon ginger
1/4 tea spoon of black pepper
Juice from 1 orange
¼ cup wine
Ingredients for the main dish:
12 bite size pieces of baby back ribs
12 bite size pieces of pumpkin,
1 lime, (juice for flavor)
1 lemon, (zest for decoration)
½ onions
½ carrots
1/4 green pepper
4 shiitake mushrooms
1 table spoon flour
1-½ cup Thai jasmine rice


Cut ribs into bite size pieces
Marinate ribs with the mixed ingredients above for at least 1 hour, overnight is better
Peel pumpkin and cut into bite size pieces
Cut onion into bite size pieces
Cut carrot into round bite size pieces
Cut green pepper into bite size pieces
Cut mushroom into bite size pieces
Wash rice till water is clear
Zest the lemon
Heat up frying pan
Pour the 2 table spoons of olive oil in
Put ribs into zip lock bag with flour and shake it till ribs covered with flour
Brown ribs on both side in frying pan (about 5.5 minutes total for both sides or till ribs golden brown)
Take ribs out
Add shallots and garlic and stir (about 1 minutes)
Add carrot, mushrooms and curry, cook for 1 minute
Put ribs back to frying pan
Pour wine to deglaze pan
Add chicken soup, Cover and let cook for about 5 minutes
Add coconut milk, rice and pumpkins
Cover and cook for 7 minutes.
Add green pepper, kaffir leaves and. Cover and cook for 6 minutes

Put cook food in a pretty pot
Squeeze lime juice evenly on the food
Garnish with cilantro and spread the lemon zest

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