Mango Lassi in under 5 minutes

Submitted by Anjali Prabhu Dessai

About the cook: IT Professional by the day. Author @ mealsandallthingslife.

About the dish: Mango Lassi is a very popular menu item at any Indian restaurant. It is a yogurt based drink flavored with Mango. This recipe is quick, yet tastes very authentic. So easy that even a kid could make it!

National Origin: Indian

Serves: 2

Estimated Time: Under 30 Minutes


Mango Pulp - 1 can/30 oz./850 gms. About 4 cups. ( Such as Swad Kesar, Sweetened )
Thick Yogurt - 1 standard cup
Powder from seeds of 3 cardamoms


Pulse all ingredients together until well blended. Thin it down adding milk/ice cubes as needed. Serve chilled.

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