Spicy Chicken Tacos with Cabbage and Corn

Submitted by Rithu Michael

About the cook: I'm a 25 year old bachelor living in Canada, who loves to cook. I'm an Indian so my foods are full of flavor and it always makes me happy.

About the dish: Tacos are one of my favorite dishes. Unfortunately I'm not a very big fan of tacos with ground beef, so I decided to try it with chicken by adding some extra filling.

National Origin: Mexico

Serves: 3

Estimated Time: Under 30 Minutes


Chicken Thighs / Breast - 4 pieces
Wheat Tortillas - 8
Frozen Corn - ¼ cup
Red/ Green Cabbage, shredded – ½ cup
Chipotle Sauce - 10tbsp
White Wine Vinegar - 4tbsp
Your choice of Taco Seasoning – 4tbsp


1.COOK CORN – In a large pan heat 1tbsp oil over medium heat. When the pan is hot added ¼ cup of frozen corn. Cover and cook for 6-7 min, stir occasionally until corn is golden-brown. Remove and season the corn with salt and pepper.
2.FILING PREPARATION – In a large bowl mix the White Wine Vinegar and ½ tbsp oil. Add cabbage, season the cabbage with salt and pepper and mix with the vinegar mix and keep aside. When the corn is ready, mix with cabbage. Set aside to cool.
3.COOK CHICKEN – Cut the Chicken into thin strips. Season with salt, pepper and the taco seasoning. In the same pan heat 2 ½ tbsp oil over medium heat. When the pan is hot add the seasoned chicken strips. Cook 4-6min, flip occasionally, until brown and cook completely.
4.WARM TORTILLAS – Wrap the tortillas in paper towels. Microwave until tortillas are warm, 30 secs.
5.PLATE – Take warmed tortillas and top with chicken and corn-cabbage mix. Drizzle Chipotle sauce over tacos and enjoy.

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