I “Minted” the Bass

Submitted by Aditya Das

About the cook: HI, I am a cook working at the Marriott Halifax Harbourfront, living in the east coast of Canada allows me to work closely with seafood and a whole goldmine of amazing ingredients. My profession is my passion and i love cooking! I am originally from Darjeeling - North East India, my passion for cooking started at an early age being surrounded in an environment where food meant a lot more than just a meal - my family. My philosophy of cooking is I like simplicity, lesser ingredients makes the primary flavors of the product stand out and turns most simple things amazing!

About the dish: A great summery barbecue dish, Inspired by a coastal south western Indian dish.

National Origin: Indian

Serves: 4

Estimated Time: 30 to 60 Minutes


Whole Striped Bass (Descaled and gutted) - minimum 3lbs
Vinegar white - 4tbsp
Lime juice - 1 whole worth
Mint - 10-12 sprigs
Cilantro - 10 -12sprigs
Thai Chilies - 4 large
Star anise - 1 star
Black Peppercorn - 1tbsp
Black Mustard seeds - 1tbsp
Olive oil - 3tbsp
Kosher Salt - 4tbsp
Tamarind pulp (optional) - 4tbsp
Cedar wood plank (optional)


If using a Cedar plank (available in Costco, very inexpensive) immerse it in cold water for 30 minutes
Clean fish
Bring a wide pot of water with some salt and vinegar to a boil, Immerse the whole fish in the pot carefully flip it after a minute and then remove it carefully after a minute onto a bowl. Dry fish with paper towel.
Make three slanting incisions on each side of the fish.
Blend ingredients no. 3 to 12, add a little water and bring to a paste and apply to the entire fish generously in the incisions and all over. Wrap in Cling film and let sit for at least 20 minutes in the fridge.
Grease the Cedar plank and place it on a hot barbecue 350f – 400f, not using plank? NO PROBLEM! place the entire fish right onto the barbecue on medium heat 250f – 300f. Mark the fish with grill marks on both sides using a long spatula. Use a spray bottle to avoid flare ups, cook the fish up to an internal temperature of 145f. Once cooked, crank up the heat and char the fish and take it off the grill.
For sides, you can roast up some baby potatoes, zucchinis, and red onions. Enjoy it hot right out of the barbecue with a nice Chardonnay if going for a red i recommend a Zinfandel! Ciders and Lagers go really great with it as well.

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